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Insertion and extraction force testing machine HN-1220S
【Product Name】Insertion and extraction force testing machine HN-1220S
【Product Category】材料试验机
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【Updated】2016/9/7 10:31:39


Insertion and extraction force testing machine HN-1220S

1、 HN-1220S insertion and extraction force testing machine Purpose: This machine is suitable for testing the insertion and extraction force of various connectors. Equipped with a patented automatic centering device, it can obtain completely accurate insertion and extraction force testing. It is set using the Chinese screen of Windows window, and the operation is simple and convenient, And all data can be stored (test conditions, displacement, curves, life curves, inspection reports, etc.) to solve various fixture problems in connector testing, and the male and female connectors can be automatically aligned during testing, without the problem of eating one side. Equipped with a dynamic impedance testing system, dynamic impedance can be tested and plotted while testing insertion and extraction forces.。


1. The testing conditions of the HN-1220S insertion and extraction force testing machine are all set by the computer screen and can be stored. Select settings from the dropdown menu or directly input the number
According to. (Including test category, determination of movement direction, load measurement range, travel measurement range, travel origin position, travel origin detection
Measure the speed, total number of measurements, pause time, waiting position, number of air compressions, etc.
2. Capable of storing and printing graphics (load stroke curve graph load attenuation life curve graph inspection report), with overload protection function for load elements
Ensure that the load element is not damaged.
3. Simultaneously display the load stroke curve and service life curve.
4. Automatic load zero point detection, and the load value can be set for zero point detection.
5. Load unit display: N, lb, gf, Kgf can be freely switched.
6. The HN-1220S insertion and extraction force testing machine adopts a high steel structure design, paired with a Panasonic servo motor, which can ensure accuracy during long-term use and is suitable for general use

Tension compression test and insertion and extraction force life test.

Test items
1. Connector single hole insertion and extraction test
2. Connector insertion and extraction life test
3. Connector Normal Force Test
4. Connector row insertion and removal test
5. Connector single pin and plastic retention test
6. Can be connected to the contact impedance machine simultaneously (optional)
7. Various compression and tensile failure strength tests.

technical parameter

1. Maximum load measured: 50Kg
2. Minimum decomposition capacity: 0.01Kg
3. Maximum measurement height: 150mm
4. Minimum fine adjustment distance: 0.01mm
5. Measurement speed range: 0-300mm/min
6. X-axis movement range: 0-75mm
7. Y-axis movement range: 0-75mm
8. Transmission mechanism: ball screw
9. Drive motor: Panasonic servo motor from Japan
10. Appearance size: 420 × two hundred and eighty × 960mm
11. Weight: 67Kg
12. Power supply: 220V/50Hz

Test report output

The load stroke curve, life curve, and test report are all A4 standard paper specifications and printed directly by a computer printer.
Insertion load stroke curve: It can directly display and store the displacement and force changes of each test.

Standard configuration

1. One 1220S device
2. A set of multifunctional fixtures and nipples
3. One set of automatic centering device for whole row insertion and extraction
4. One set of large XY mobile station
5. A set of Normal Force special fixtures
6. One computer integrated machine
7. One manual for the HN-1220S insertion and extraction force testing machine
8. One warranty certificate

Main components:

Transmission mechanism: Japanese THK ball screw
Motor: Panasonic servo motor from Japan
Load cell: American Translux high-precision sensor
Mobile platform: precision X-Y platform
Proximity switch: Taiwan FOTEK NPN type
Button: Japan Waquan IDEC
Fixture: Automatic centering device single PIN holding force fixture
Computer: branded computer